What is a “private equity firm” and why do they buy businesses?

When a private equity firm buys a division from a business, what do they do with it?

I’m trying to figure out what it would mean if Panasonic sells it’s Sanyo digital camera division to a private equity firm called Advantage Partners? What becomes of the division?

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A private equity firm is basically an investment manager. What these firms do is buy undervalued companies or businesses and improve them so that they can sell them for a profit. This article might be able to help you: http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-a-private-equity-firm.htm. You can also find out more by visiting seedoutsourcing.com.
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Business to Business in Small-business

Business to Business is also referred to as B2B; It is a term that describes commerce transactions that are solely between business and not consumers. An example of this would be a transaction between a wholesaler and a manufacturer or a retailer and a wholesaler. There are two other contrasting terms, B2G (Business to Government) and B2C (Business to Consumer).

As a comparison between B2B and B2C the actually volume of sales is much higher in Business to Business, the main reason for this is business transactions in a typical supply chain tend to involve raw materials or sub components and a consumer transaction tends to be one item (the end product). An example of this would be a car manufacturer… the business transactions would involve the sale of all of the parts, where as the consumer transaction would be the finished product (one single transaction, the car itself).

The term B2B was coined originally to describe electronic communications between enterprises or businesses in order to distinguish it from consumer communication. This was eventually picked up and used in marketing and now it is used all over the world to describe services and products used by enterprises.

However even though most marketing and sales people work in Business to Business a lot of trade publications and professional institutions focus a lot more on the Business to Consumer side.

If you are looking for these services there are a lot of companies out there that offer them, be sure to look around and find the company that best suits your needs.


How can I get involved with the latino community where I live?

I would like to become a volunteer and help people in the latino community, specifically in areas where I can practice my spanish skills. How can I go about doing this? Are their any organizations that need volunteers like this?

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Q How can I get involved with the latino community where I live?
A If you had stated where you live, I am fairly sure that I could have searched out some useful contacts for you.

Q How can I go about doing this?
A Do your own research (online, yellow pages, local newspaper, library, social services) and find out which are the relevant local groups.

Q Are their any organizations that need volunteers like this?
A Sure there are, and for various reasons – refugee help, poverty alleviation, English tuition, and so on.
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on: 26th February 09

About Business-to-business in B2b

The concept of business-to-business is quite ubiquitous in todays business world. It pertains to the commercial transactions between businesses. The transactions between a manufacturer and a wholesaler or between a wholesaler and a retailer are instances of business-to-business (B2B) commerce. A typical supply chain is characterized by a large number of B2B transactions in comparison to any other type of commercial transaction in the same supply chain. Going by the example of an automobile manufacturer that makes multiple B2B transactions, it procures tires, glass for windshields and other bits and pieces for its vehicles. B2B has been evolving and currently is being used in a new context as well. Many businesses are now using it for communication and collaboration and are referred to as B2B communication.

Originally, the term business-to-business was used to describe the communications between enterprises so as to differentiate it from the communications between enterprises or businesses and consumers. In the current scenario, B2B is also used in marketing to describe products and services put into use by enterprises. B2B marketing strategies have assumed great significance because they are instrumental in its overall success. B2B branding, pricing, promotion, campaigning are some of the aspects of marketing strategies. Experts are of the view that B2B shares the largest part of all marketing while its market value far exceeds that of the consumer market.

According to the expert analysts, there are three factors which are driving the phenomenal growth of B2B marketing. The first is the revolution of technology which is constantly evolving thereby spawning newer products and services. Next is the entrepreneurial revolution. The companies are engaged in a cut-throat competition where the business adage is change or perish. Unexplored markets are being tapped aggressively while new uses of existing products are being found by way of innovation to maintain their competitive edge. The third revolution is taking place within B2B marketing itself. Traditional theories and assumptions are being challenged while conventional work processes are being replaced by new models and concepts. Building relationships with consumers a well as different forms of partnerships are the new defining mantra of marketing.

The impact of the internet on B2B marketing has been more than apparent. Internet is instrumental in presenting new opportunities to businesses while it improved customer service and retention. With its advent, new businesses which are of by-products by nature have emerged. If the glaring facts and statistics are what to go by, B2B is the next marketing phenomenon which is potent enough to change its dynamics for good.


McDonald’s teams up with Juan Luis Guerra for Hispanic Heritage Month, launches digital campaign

McDonald’s NY metro announced today the kick-off of the second edition of “Celebrando Nuestras Leyendas” an annual initiative celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month that pays tribute to Hispanic musical legends and cultural icons from September 15, 2013 to October 15, 2013. McDonald’s will engage their customers through a series of fun and surprising digital and interactive
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Discovery Familia Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month With Chef Marcela Valladolid

Discovery Familia will celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a special initiative committed to inspiring a new generation of healthy families. Hosted by Mexican chef Marcela Valladolid, new capsules SALUD CON SAZON offer alternatives for a healthy lifestyle. SALUD CON SAZON is a series of spots featuring Valladolid, who presents practical tips for making nutritious eating
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Special Preview: Hispanicize 2014 Offers Glimpse at its Most Innovative Agenda Yet; Issues National Call for Sessions

Hispanicize 2014 (http://www.HispanicizeEvent.com) (#Hispz14), the annual Latino trends event for media, social media, marketing, music and film, today offered a preview of an ambitious agenda that will bring greater emphasis to content for Hispanic journalists, bloggers and marketers while also expanding to include Latino tech, fashion and food. “We’re working with the nation’s top Hispanic
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Hispanic School Grants in School

High education has gained lot significance today in comparison with the olden days, more so because success in the workplace depends on it, though it might seem unachievable for a lot of minorities. However the development of Hispanic School grants provides a chance to minorities to fulfill their aspirations at the same time. With the increase in tuition fees and cost of books, daycare, housing and transportation, the requirement of acquiring good education is sustained, but these school grants cover these kinds of expenses not requiring repayment. These school grants cover study costs even beyond high school along with all additional expenses.

Numerous opportunities are increasingly being offered through scholarships and school grants recently. In spite of this, the real world throws up lot of challenges unlike the school campus and without family support and because of scarcity of funds; many opt away from education beyond secondary school. However change in thinking process and realization of the requirement of education to help keep pace while using changing economy, encourages a number of people to recalculate their shortfalls and apply for these school grants and pursue their education.

Who offers Hispanic school grants:

The school grants are offered by private associations, foundations and government agencies. Though people of Hispanic origins are supplied school grants, you will find stringent rules set up for choosing the grateful recipients and a lot specifically education that’s associated with those industries which are needed in recent days. Importance of highly qualified personnel in the engineering, computers, science, health, business, and teaching fields has resulted in their availing support of these school grants.

Eligibility for your Hispanic school grants

Year on year several students from your minority community receive vast amounts as school grants for college education. Regardless of this money being released, the standards for qualifying for these school grants are quite precise. Citizenship proof, low income status, GPA of 2.5 or higher is what a student needs to undergo avail these school grants. Each scholarship or school grant possesses his own benefits and drawbacks, hence the requirement for an in depth study than it, to select the right based on one’s requirements.

Earlier, the Hispanics were fewer when compared to the population of African Americans. The specific situation has changed since it is often proved that variety results in value, resulting inside the increase within the student population with the Hispanics though there’s still lots of under representation with this group in america colleges. Though some choose to pay attention to two-year colleges or other vocational courses, you may still find some restrictions at workplaces.

Companies offering school grants:

Company are increasing tremendously. Companies such as AT&T and Xerox are selling school grants for education, realizing the need for varied and high qualification for their staff and thereby preparing themselves for that global competition.

Choosing the best school grants:

Nowadays schools in the usa and worldwide seem to have a massive array of students. Be it college education or university in Nyc, Texas, Puerto Rice, California or any other place, school grants await those planning to go in for degree in pursuit of their dreams. Students having motivation and inspiration to maneuver forward in getting further education to realize their dreams are most eligible for the Hispanic school Grants. Various scholarships and school grants have different criteria plus a thorough research about these will help discover the school grants which have been the most suitable one for you.


Sherwin-Williams Celebrates Hispanic Heritage through Social Media campaign ‘Color Latino’

Sherwin-Williams will honor Latinos during Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15 – October 15, by featuring colors inspired by Hispanic culture and the flags of Latin America with its Color Latino celebration. Sherwin-Williams’ color selection tool, Chip It! will be used to identify paint colors that correspond to the vibrant images of Hispanic culture. Personal stories from
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