2013-12-02 – 05:00 AM / ET: ¡Bah, humbug! El Índice de Precios de Navidad de PNC se dispara un 7.7 por ciento en 2013; los precios le harían temblar a Ebenezer Scrooge

¡Bah, humbug! El Índice de Precios de Navidad de PNC se dispara un 7.7 por ciento en 2013; los precios le harían temblar a Ebenezer Scrooge
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2013-12-04 – 11:31 AM / ET: Liberty Power es reconocido por la Agencia de Desarrollo de Empresas de Minorías del Departamento de Comercio de los Estados Unidos

Liberty Power es reconocido por la Agencia de Desarrollo de Empresas de Minorías del Departamento de Comercio de los Estados Unidos
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Which Latino Films will be Featured in the 2014 Sundance Film Festival?

Latino filmmakers, actors and directors bring the passion, drama and intensity to the big screen, and many Latino film aficionados are looking forward to see what’s in store for the Sundance Film Festival 2014 lineup. The Sundance Film Festival announced its selections for their 2014 edition across five categories. Although the the Latino representation isn’t
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Hispanic Venture Capital Update

Piedmont RIA through its affiliate Militello Capital, is pleased to announce it made a venture capital investment in YaSabe, Inc., a bilingual social, mobile and local search venture specifically catering for Hispanic consumers living in the United States.

Piedmont RIA through its affiliate Militello Capital, is pleased to announce it made a venture capital investment in YaSabe, Inc., a bilingual social, mobile and local search venture specifically catering for Hispanic consumers living in the United States.

Headquartered in Herndon, VA, YaSabe lets Hispanic consumers search in English and Spanish to find and discover local businesses, coupons and other local information. Users come directly to YaSabe.com or come via popular search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo when they search in Spanish or when they search for a products or service that are culturally Hispanic. YaSabe already responds to millions of queries from Hispanic consumers, 40% of which are searching from their mobile phones either using a browser or using one of several mobile apps that are available for free for the iTunes or from the Android Marketplace. YaSabe’s local and mobile search platform encourages social engagement, helping to capture word of mouth by allowing users to leave comments and ask others in the community for help and recommendations.

YaSabe’s management team consists of Zubair Talib and Azim Tejani; proven local search veterans with more than +10 years in the business with experience in search, local advertising and Hispanic media.

“We are always excited to fund emerging companies that deliver a unique value proposition both to their customers and to our investors”, says William Militello, founder and Managing Principal of Piedmont. He continues, “Zubair and Azim have a unique content proposition for Hispanic consumers, a huge economic force in the U.S.; it’s an investment opportunity that fits perfectly into our portfolio.”

“We are happy to have the support of Piedmont Investment Advisors” says Zubair Talib, CEO of YaSabe “With the backing of our investors, we aim to make YaSabe the definitive source for Latin culture and content online in the United States”

The VC investment in YaSabe is one of many made by Militello Capital through its new venture capital fund.


YaSabe helps US Hispanics find and discover merchants and service providers, coupons and other local information online and from their mobile internet devices. The company manages and maintains bilingual information about all 15M businesses in the US, with a strong focus on Latin culture and content such as Latin food and restaurants, beauty and wellness and Latin clothing. YaSabe.com is also the definitive source for Hispanic consumers to find doctors, lawyers, dentists and other service providers that speak Spanish. YaSabe’s location-aware mobile applications (available for iPhone and Android) allow users to discover what’s nearby and helps consumers stay connected to the community and participate in the social dialog. YaSabe offers local businesses and national brands simple and cost-effective ways to reach and influence Hispanic consumers who are searching online. Visit http://www.yasabe.com for more information, follow on Twitter @YaSabe or Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/yasabe.

Piedmont RIA

Piedmont RIA, also known as Piedmont Investment Advisors, LLC is located in Lansdowne (Leesburg) Virginia and a registered investment adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. When Bill Militello, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, founded Piedmont RIA in 2003, he set out to create not just another financial advisor or boutique investment firm, but rather to create a new “category” in financial services.

His view is that the delivery of investment advice by financial advisors was ripe for innovation, and it has been Militello’s vision to challenge the conventional model. He believes that asset allocation should not be constrained to just the public financial markets. To execute this philosophy, Piedmont RIA has developed a revolutionary investment model that is composed of three interdependent concepts: Liquidity, Wealth Creation, and Wealth Preservation.

Visit http://www.piedmontRIA.com/ to learn more

The information contained herein should not be construed as personalized investment advice. Investing in venture capital companies involves some degree of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Information presented herein is subject to change without notice and should not be considered as a solicitation to buy or sell any security. The companies highlighted above are not necessarily the highest performing investments in the fund, but are noted as purchases made to date. The reader should not assume that investments in the companies identified were or will be profitable.

Posted On: Leesburg, VA October 26, 2012

Hispanic Venture Capital Update

Three New Jersey entrepreneurs take home ,500 in small business financing as part of the Start Something Challenge, a business strengthening opportunity for NJ entrepreneurs.

Monday evening, at Rising Tide Capital’s Global Entrepreneurship Week Celebration, three New Jersey entrepreneurs won a total of ,500 in prizes at the Grand Finale of the Start Something Challenge Business Pitch Competition in Jersey City. More than 80 people gathered in Pope Hall at Saint Peter’s University to hear the 10 finalists pitch live. Coretta Owusu, who is based in Irvington, NJ took first prize, winning ,000 for her business, aSuiteStay—an accommodation booking site that gives travelers access to different property types and services in Africa. In second place was West Orange native Nicole Silva, who won ,500 for her business DollyMoo, a skincare company that offers hand-blended products. Jersey City resident Elizabeth Migliore took home the third place prize of ,000 for her business Jersey City Veggie Burgers which creates wholesome, locally-sourced, hand-crafted veggie burgers.

“Winning the Start Something Challenge was amazing! I did not expect to advance this far into the competition, so winning first place was an unbelievable blessing. I am so glad that Rising Tide Capital created this opportunity for New Jersey entrepreneurs like me,” said Coretta Owusu.

Each of the 10 finalists pitched head-to-head in hopes of winning the grand prize. They each made a four minute business pitch followed by a two minute Q and A session with the judges. Some used props to illustrate their business and they all showed their 30-second Animoto.com commercial that helped them reach the finals of the competition.

The Challenge was underwritten by several collaborating organizations—including JPMorgan Chase, the Tory Burch Foundation and the Sheri Sobrato Fund—as part of their commitment to small businesses and entrepreneurship in New Jersey. The Grand Finale of the Challenge was judged by a combination of business leaders and representatives of sponsoring organizations:

•Robert Weiss, market president, JPMorgan Chase

•Carlos Medina, president & CEO, Robinson Aerial Surveys, Inc. and President of the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

•Dawn Fitch, founder & creator, POOKA

•Ruthie Ackerman, senior program manager, Tory Burch Foundation

•Stacey Flanagan, director of health & human services, City of Jersey City

•Cristina DeVito, SVP- new event development, Tough Mudder

•Jeff Handler, VP-enrollment management & marketing, Saint Peter’s University

•James Johnson-Piett, principal/CEO, Urbane Development, LLC

•Elnardo J Webster, Ed.D., former superintendent, 21st Century Learning Center

“We know that capital helps grow communities, and small business development is critical to that equation. We’re delighted to partner with the other sponsoring organizations to award these talented entrepreneurs with an investment in the future of economic growth in New Jersey,” said Robert Weiss, Market President of JPMorgan Chase in New Jersey.

“The Start Something Challenge takes people’s natural inspiration, and creates structure to support it. It is really difficult to take something from scratch and turn it into a viable business idea. As an entrepreneur—you need knowledge, social, and, ultimately, access to financial capital to turn your idea into a successful business. Rising Tide Capital provides entrepreneurs with these important resources,” said Alfa Demmellash, CEO and co-founder of Rising Tide Capital.

“The event tonight was fantastic! Pitching in front of a large audience prepared all of the Challenge finalists for future situations where they may have to communicate their business in a compelling way. After tonight, they should be ready to tackle any task that may come their way,” she added.

One hundred and seven entrepreneurs from 38 cities and towns throughout New Jersey entered the Challenge, with 30 advancing to the semifinals of the competition on October 23. The semifinalists used various online and offline marketing tools to drive traffic to view and vote for their videos on the Start Something Challenge website. Two entrepreneurs from each of the five Challenge business sectors advanced to the Finals of the competition to pitch for the life changing opportunity to finance their business.

“I am going to use the ,000 cash prize to develop the iPhone and android application for our travel service. It will also help extend our SMS text service that would enable properties that don’t have access to internet to access reservations as they come,” said Coretta Owusu.

Join Rising Tide Capital to celebrate the finalists and see the winners receive their prizes at the Start Something Champions Gala on December 10. For tickets, click here.

The Start Something Challenge (SSC) is a statewide pitch competition and business strengthening opportunity for New Jersey entrepreneurs. If you are interested in networking, perfecting your elevator pitch, gaining visibility for your business venture, and winning a ,000 business grant, the Challenge is for you.

The Challenge is funded by visionary supporters and organized by Rising Tide Capital, a non-profit organization that helps entrepreneurs start and grow successful businesses. To ensure that every participant has a chance to win the top prize, Rising Tide Capital will provide each entrant with hands-on coaching and mentorship. Free to enter, the competition is open to any New Jersey resident 18 years or older, who operates a microbusiness or has a strong business idea.

To learn more, visit http://www.StartSomethingChallenge.org today.

About Rising Tide Capital

Headquartered in Jersey City, Rising Tide Capital, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded with the mission to empower entrepreneurs to create and grow small businesses which transform lives and communities. The organization’s vision is to build a replicable model for high-quality entrepreneurial development services that can be adopted locally in other low-income communities. Learn more at http://www.RisingTideCapital.org.

Posted On: Jersey City, NJ November 20, 2013

Private Equity Explained in Private-equity

An asset or equity in a private functioning firm whose stock is not available for public merchandising in a stock exchange is called private equity. The funding or money which is used for such investing is also called private equity. Some of these investments could be unreliable though with adequate investment management the investors could manage to obtain high returns. The investments could be made in established firms who may be searching for a sellout or are going through a suffering period or in startups and entrepreneurs who are looking to get funding to launch their thoughts.

A private equity company typically does investment management for its members. The firm raises finances and makes investments in functioning companies, public as well as nonpublic, through investment strategies such as leverage buyouts, growth capital, venture capital, mezzanine capital, and co-investment. In most cases the firms get funding from pension funds, banks, and financial institutions, though at times wealthy individuals looking for private investment opportunities may also provide funding.

One familiar form of investment involves the private equity firm buying out or holding majority control of a public company using leveraged buyout and then taking over the companys management for a short period. For that time, the firm’s stocks are withdrawn from the public stock market so that the firm’s management and other process could be reconstituted or reformed. The privatization gives the company freedom to act since it makes it responsible only to its investors. The firm could then make strong and drastic alterations to the senior management and could improvise the firm’s system of management. After these changes have brought results and the companys equity has extended, the equity is sold at a higher price.

A private equity company could also invest in startups. If so, the firm does not take over the startups majority control. Alternatively the firm plays the role of financial backer and nothing else. The investors would get an idea of the status of the equity from the response and reports that the firms generally send to the investors. Certain global firms have assets in over hundred companies and enjoy a good position in all major markets of the world. Such firms offer their investors private investment opportunities in diverse areas.

If you are on the lookout for funds or for good opportunities for investment, you should check out http://friendvestment.com. The website posts startups and hot entrepreneur ideas if you pay a small fee. The entrepreneurs can use http://friendvestment.com to find investors, while investors and private equity firms could find good startups through the website.


Why does the census only ask if your ethnicity is Latino?

Why does the US census only ask if your ethnicity is Latino or non-Latino? Why doesn’t it ask all other ethnicities?
I feel harassed. Is like having a bathroom for normal people and another for a specific ethnicity, how would you feel? This is not a big deal.

Chosen Answer:

They shouldn’t even refer to Latino as an ethnicity because it just means that a person has Latin American ancestry.

Latinos can be of any race and truly the only thing that they have in common is that they come from a Spanish speaking background or culture.

Latinos and Hispanics can be White, Black, Native American or mixed (most are mixed). If we can label such a diverse group of people just because of the language they speak then we should refer to all English speakers as Anglo.
by: Scouser61
on: 15th September 11

Who here is against the use of the words latino and hispanic in United States?

I express my resentment towards the terms “Latino and hispanic” because i believe that my national and political rights have been unjustly brushed aside by american governments’ focus on latinism and promoting this fake ‘latin’ identity.

This thing of latin is very offensive, is like calling black people “nigg@rs” or indians raghe@ads.
I am a very respectful, liberal and easy-going person. I had friends of every culture, religion, sex option when they did not hurt me.

Chosen Answer:

Not sure why they call us latinos we don’t speak latin, I’m okay with hispanic since historically we’re from spain, but I prefer being called Mexican though I’m mix with Asian blood.
by: VillaC
on: 4th October 11