Cincinnati, OH-KY-IN (1888PressRelease) January 21, 2020 – Mr. Angelo Sferrazza discusses crowdfunding and the importance of it, in today’s business economy. Crowdfunding is a great way to start up a new business idea or adventure. There are plenty of ways to get crowdfunding today with websites like Patreon, GoFundMe, Kickstarter, iFundWoman, Circleup, and more.

Mr. Angelo Sferrazza states “…crowdfunding is a great way to get people involved in the business or product they are investing in.”

With crowdfunding, people pay as little as $10 up to $1,000 plus just to see the business or product thrive and to sometimes get cool nick nacks along the way. Mr. Angelo Sferrazza still warns business owners thinking of starting up crowdfunding for their business to make sure they know they won’t back out of the project after people have funded it, because they won’t invest next time you ask for funding.

Mr. Angelo Sferrazza states the statistics for crowdfunding in the last year “The funds raised through crowdfunding has grown an astounding 33.7% with over 600 websites available.” Mr. Sferrazza has never used Crowdfunding but is considering it in the future saying “It would be great to get people involved with the businesses I am trying to create and build.”

Crowdfunding Statistics for 2019

$17.2 Billion is generated through crowdfunding yearly
Last year there were 6,455,080 worldwide campaigns
The average success is 22.4% of crowdfunding campaigns
The most overall completed crowdfunded projects is 319,051 from the website Kickstarter

Mr. Angelo Sferrazza makes his opinions very clear on crowdfunding as he thinks it’s a great way to get funding to start your business. He states “It’s just crazy how so many businesses that have been crowdfunded are booming today.” Business products like the Fidget Cube, Popsocket, and Oculus VR are some of the most successful.