Aspen Capital Fund today announced that it has acquired Modern Marketing Supply.  Modern Marketing Supply is a full service digital agency that offers integrated marketing consulting and extended brand services. The firm specializes in strategy consulting and management consulting surrounding digital (web, social media, search and video).

Greg Tanner, Managing Partner said that Aspen Capital Fund has spent the past two years growing it’s ACF services portfolio of businesses.

“Modern Marketing Supply offers the core services that businesses require to start, grow and thrive,  a modern strategic and professional approach fit’s perfect in our culture at Aspen Capital Fund.  The services that Modern Marketing Supply offers are critical for helping businesses grow and be profitable,” Tanner said in a statement. “It seemed that owning a digital agency was necessary to our strategy for our portfolio growth and our push into sports, media and technology.”


Aspen Capital Fund is a closely held Hispanic family owned business located in Colorado.  Our focus is to build minority enterprises and individual success stories.  We work directly in supporting young, innovative businesses.  We work indirectly by supporting the community and families that can improve how businesses can grow.  Our network of family, friends and partners offers some of the smartest and experienced business information and expertise available to the Hispanic and Minority communities.  We strive to be trusted business advisers for business owners and families.


Modern Marketing Supply is a full service digital agency that offers the perfect balance of skills, experiences and industrial expertise to create your brand story.  We offer bespoke strategy and personal attention to our selected client partners.



Rugby Catalyst teams up with Rugby Pro Brand to create American rugby lifestyle apparel.

Rugby Pro Brand will be launching its new apparel line in April of 2017 with investment and support from Rugby Catalyst.

Rugby Pro  is American inspired rugby apparel.  The brand offers a subtle rugby graphics and is about what rugby fans love about our American rugby lifestyle. The Rugby Pro tees offer classic, casual style.  They offer amazingly soft fabrics  and are cozy foundation to making everyday a rugby day. Comfortable to wear, and no matter how many you own, it never seems to be enough. will be launched in April of 2017 and with the help of Rugby Catalyst will be offering officially licensed gear of favorite American rugby clubs.

“We have assembled a fantastic team to produce and create an American rugby lifestlye brand that is unique and offers high quality products.”  Remarks Angelo Tanner, President of Rugby Catalyst. “This investment is part of our unique Rugby Direct To Fan™ strategy,  and partnering with Rugby Pro will give us a medium for creating new fans for our events.”

The amount of investment was not disclosed, however Rugby Catalyst will be the majority management group of the new company.

About Rugby Pro Brand

As the premium apparel brand for American rugby, we provide quality products, inspired by American rugby and rugby tradition, lifestyle and sportsmanship. Make Every Day A Rugby Day.™ Rugby Pro offers branded apparel, such as but not limited to t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, polos, hoodies, tanks and jackets. We also offer promotional items/materials such as scarves, hats, cups, and imprinted gifts.
About Rugby Catalyst

Rugby Catalyst combines rugby, creativity and experience to build brands and properties and deliver winning activation programs key to growing the consumption of rugby in America.  Rugby Catalyst provides services, media, licensing, sports marketing, associated technologies, and products to the rugby industry.


National Rugby Post is pleased to announce the launch of its new fully-featured website The new site has extensive content including a new series named “My Rugby Story”.  The National Rugby Post website is offers market intelligence and analysis of the business of rugby, rugby brands, and rugby entertainment.  National Rugby Post is the #1 content provider of rugby business intelligence in the United States.  National Rugby Post covers a range of trends that includes professionalism, sponsorship, legality, media, and commercialism.

The new website will include a new focus on player commercialism, a competition for “My Rugby Story” and a column on the growing business of rugby in the United States.

Twitter @rugbyanalyst

National Rugby Post is Hispanic Owned and Operated.

Professional Rugby Agency Grows to Accommodate a Burgeoning Rugby Landscape

team-additionsProfessional Rugby Agency (PRA), a Denver-based rugby marketing agency, has hired Jackson Thom to manage brand communications and public relations for clients, as well as help drive brand strategy for clients. PRA has also hired Vanessa Martinez as head of strategic development to drive business development with future clients, sponsors, and partners.

Jackson Thom comes from an entrepreneurial background and has experience with a local marketing firm and a local public relations firm, working with a variety of clients. He has been involved in the rugby community for nearly ten years in several capacities, including as a player, coach, and manager, from youth to the adult level. He currently works for the Glendale Raptors as an assistant technical skills coach and manager for the Division II and III teams. He also currently studies Organizational Communications at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Vanessa Martinez is a recent graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver, with a B.A. in Human Performance & Sport, Sport Industry Operations. She has experience with both the Denver Broncos and the Colorado Rockies’ organizations in customer-facing roles, as well as marketing experience with the Colorado Rapids’ street team and as the Social Media Coordinator for the Cherry Creek Athletic Club.

Both acquisitions were made in response to a growing portfolio of clients for Professional Rugby Agency and the need for professional development in the fastest growing sport in America. As the American audience for rugby (recently measured to be upwards of 92 million fans) and international interest for investment in American rugby grows, PRA will continue to facilitate the development of commercial opportunities for sponsors and investors.

“Professional Rugby Agency is extremely fortunate to have the caliber of professionals joining our mission to grow the American appetite for rugby.”   Comments Greg Tanner, founder of  Professional Rugby Agency.

Professional Rugby Agency

Professional Rugby Agency is helping to shape modern American rugby by developing commercial opportunities, producing engaging sponsorship campaigns, representing high-performance athletes, and growing the American audience for professional rugby.

PRA represents individual athletes, clubs and teams, leagues, and corporate sponsors. We help our clients navigate the landscape of American rugby and maximize their exposure and experience within.

Gregory Tanner hosts for MIT FGP.

2016 Tanner Head Shot MediumGregory Tanner Founder and Managing Partner at Aspen Capital Fund will be joining as an advisor to the MIT FGP (First Generation Program).  He will be hosting two discussions with students:

Closing the gap between strategy and execution for entrepreneurs.

Getting the idea right- validate your business with potential customers, investors, employees and others

Gregory is a Martin Trust Center Entrepreneurship Ambassador.  His ambitious vision has helped create Aspen Capital Fund | ACF Ventures | Aspen Wealth Advisors | and Aspen Enterprise Fund.  He has used his experience through mergers and acquisitions to build his business since 1991.

Gregory is a leading expert in Hispanic Marketing and Hispanic Strategy.  Prior to creating Aspen Capital Fund he created and developed strategy and investment theory at Vydrogen and Thunderbolt Venture Co.    Gregory has recently built a sports focused brand at Pro Rugby Agency and National Rugby Post.

Greg has worked as a member of senior management and along senior management on alternative strategic solutions from acquisitions, start up funding, new market strategy, and growth strategy.

Nov15_First Gen LogoThe MIT First Generation Program provides a great opportunity for first generation students to expand their professional network and develop relationships with alumni who work in fields they want to learn more about and might want to pursue after graduation.  For their part, the MTC ambassadors enjoy the opportunity to meet current first generation students, share their stories, and provide advice.

Aspen Capital Fund performs with Sports, Media & Technology.

** Aspen Capital Fund performs with Sports, Media & Technology.**


Denver, Colorado


January 7,  2016

Aspen Capital Fund announced today that it will continue its expansion into Sports, Media & Technology leading with its assets, Pro Rugby Agency and  Aspen Capital Fund will continue forward with Aspen Enterprise Fund which will focus solely on Sports, Media & Technology.


Aspen Capital Fund (ACF) began exploring sports opportunities in 2011.   It aggressively invested in online media and began building Pro Rugby Agency,  simultaneously working to rebuild Jupiternetwork.


“The companies we have purposed for sports and specifically rugby have turned out to be a tremendous opportunity, gaining global traction.” Comments Gregory Tanner Founder of ACF.
Aspen Capital Fund ( continues market & competitive analysis, implementation, management and operations support for Sports, Media & Technology subsidiaries.   ACF will build a new fund “Aspen Enterprise Fund” specifically for sports ventures.

For more information, contact or for investment inquiries.



Aspen Capital Fund is a closely held Hispanic family owned business located in Colorado.  Our focus is to build minority enterprises and individual success stories.  We work directly in supporting young, innovative businesses.  We work indirectly by supporting the community and families that can improve how businesses can grow.  Our network of family, friends and partners offers some of the smartest and experienced business information and expertise available to the Hispanic and Minority communities.  We strive to be trusted business advisers for business owners and families.

Pro Rugby Agency pitches U.S. rugby to the masses in England.

ProRugbyAgencyPro Rugby Agency pitches U.S. rugby to the masses in England.

DENVER, COLORADO, USA – September 17, 2015

Pro Rugby Agency ( will be traveling to the United Kingdom for the Rugby World Cup.  The purpose of the trip isn’t to sign the big professional names and teams based in abroad in the U.K., France, Italy or from down under.   It’s to pitch the professional game which hasn’t arrived in the United States yet to everyone and anyone that will listen.

“Most people don’t understand the huge opportunity in the United States.” Comments Greg Tanner, “It’s really like the beginning of the NFL or the industrial revolution,  the game is ripe for business opportunity and growth, the question is who is prepared for this explosion?”

Pro Rugby Agency has clients that are invested in the game and preparing to capitalize on the professional era in America.   The agency has media, consumer, services, and technology companies onboard for when the opportunity arrives.   The agency is also signing players eager to get exposure to the top teams.  “It’s astounding to me how many players from abroad want to come to play in America, even more astounding is the number of untapped talent yet to be found in our backyard.”  Adds Tanner.

Mr. Tanner has spent a lot of time and effort to becoming subject matter expert in the business of rugby.  He penned the book – “The Business of Rugby”  while working on a graduate program at U.K. based Sports Management World Wide.    He hopes to capitalize on his business experience and analysis knowledge he gained while at Aspen Capital Fund.

“I had to change gears – this is just too big,  the timing is perfect and now the biggest rugby event in the world is happening and I will be in the middle of it all.”  Remarks Tanner.

To learn more about Pro Rugby Agency visit or email



About Pro Rugby Agency USA.

We are a forward thinking agency and business.  At Professional Rugby Agency we are the early adopters of the belief that rugby will become the next high growth sports industry in the United States.    Very involved in the industry, we are working to develop surrounding aspects of the professional era.  Our founder has written the book -“The Business of Rugby“.   At Professional  Rugby Agency we  are taking the initiative to help players, teams, brands with earning, marketing, maintaining  and connecting with audiences in the United States and Globally.  Join us on our extraordinary journey.

Aspen Capital Fund partners with Jupiternetwork Startup CIO services

** Aspen Capital Fund partners with Jupiternetwork Startup CIO services.**


Denver, Colorado

September 14, 2015

Aspen Capital Fund ( ) has announced a partnership to work closely with Jupiternetwork ( to develop Startup CIO services.  The service will be provided to new startups and growth businesses.

The Jupiternetwork Startup CIO concept offers a solution to a common startup problem – how to manage and solve IT challenges.   A Startup CIO is a term created for a special type of Virtual Chief Information Officer [a person that is an executive in an enterprise responsible for the information technology and computer systems that support business goals]. This role is very specialized and can help shape future success by fusing business and technology. The Startup CIO provides a clear path to building IT maturity which builds a sustainable competitive advantage.

“The goal of the Startup CIO is to manage the responsibility and accountability of the many internal, external, and third party resources and vendors.”  Comments Gregory Tanner of Aspen Capital Fund. “On average a “Virtual IT Department” consists of at least 15 parties – this is a big issue we find with startups.”  While it isn’t a new concept, Jupiternetwork Startup CIO, has developed a unique process and provides specific knowledge and experience to startup businesses based off experiences and knowledge from the startups at Aspen Capital Fund.

“Some of the common startup problems is that owners and founders are focused on building outwardly and growing leaving the operationally drive for internal technology left behind.” Tanner adds.  “We went to Jupiternetwork and said we need a budget based, robust service that addresses the needs of a startup.”

Jupiternetwork created a flat fee, semiannual service named Startup CIO.

For more information about the Jupiternetwork Startup CIO Service contact or visit

For more information contact Samantha Lucero –




Aspen Captial Fund on Rugby Investment in USA

Aspen Capital Fund Analysis of Rugby Investment in USA

“I love it; this whole atmosphere is why you play and coach rugby.” = Jake White Coach of South Africa and Director of Rugby at Montpellier.

2015 will be the biggest year for rugby in history. The Rugby World Cup will bring just over $1 BILLION to the country of England through the tournament lifecycle. Soon after in 2016 rugby will be in the Olympics. Throughout the world rugby is experiencing growth. In the United States we are seeing tremendous adoption of the sport, the sport is growing ranks among universities, and we are seeing children in academies and youth programs. But the question remains “where is the professional game in the United States?”. That question is answered as a matter of fact but it brings light to just how large the opportunity is for early investors and adopters.

What is happening in the United State is a lot of positioning and posturing but there is yet to be sees a professional game and league. There is a big emphasis on consumer products (shirts, clothing, shoes, etc.) and there are a few big ticket tournaments such as the Las Vegas 7s and the Collegiate 7’s. The international teams are compensated but below that in the United States players have yet to make a salary. There are a number of teams that are making money and see big returns but are still short of paying the players. USA Rugby has rumored an endeavor to start a professional league and was estimated to arrive in 2015 and so far we haven’t seen the coming of that. Finally the NRFL has boasted a number of big games and has failed to launch its plans. There definitely is a thirst for the competition and with the US having such a large base, it is logical that a league will survive.

With the current climate in mind there is a tremendous upside and investment opportunity into the early adopters of the sport. In such an infancy, the first to market would bear high risk but also will have high reward. Returns on investment will soar in media, consumer brands, audience accommodation and community brands. Investment requirements initially will be at early stage finance amounts from as little as $25,000 to $1 Million. The estimated cost for a startup league would be somewhere from $20 Million to $100 Million. Investors and adopters should be aware of the working knowledge of the professional models and build alliances with subject matter experts, and professionals.

Investment in the rugby market in the current climate would be advantageous but would bear risk. There are many opportunities currently and in the very near future there should be an opportunity to invest in a professional league or tournament as well as teams. There will be associated technologies, real estate, brands, products and services that will tie in to the new industry. That industry should see a large adoption in the United States and be welcomed among rugby enthusiasts and new rugby fans.

About Aspen Capital Fund and Gregory Tanner

Mr. Tanner has used his comprehensive understanding of business, experience and his professional network to become a leading expert in Hispanic Strategy. He has built one of the only Hispanic market focused consultancy businesses in the country. At Aspen Capital Fund he has accumulated a broad range of knowledge on fundraising, finance, management, and marketing. Mr. Tanner looked at current business challenges in light of long term goals. It is this perspective that allowed Mr. Tanner to focus on continuous improvement and acquisition of a broad range of subject matter knowledge.

Following his passion as a former rugby player, in 2011 Gregory began looking for opportunities in the business of rugby. Mr. Tanner launched National Rugby Post in 2012 and began to do rugby business analysis – focusing on the business of rugby in light of the coming Rugby World Cup in 2015. Seizing a tremendous opportunity, Mr. Tanner became the sole Rugby Business Analyst in the United States focusing on the business of rugby. As the United States’ only Rugby Business Analyst, he is setting the stage to be well positioned when the professional game arrives in the United States as the authority in how the game creates revenue, how teams are managed and understanding the key stakeholders in the professional game.

He has recently finished his book “The Business of Rugby” and is a rugby agent and founded Pro Rugby Agency to work with athletes, teams, brands and audiences to introduce the professional era of rugby.
To learn more about the opportunities Aspen Capital Fund and Pro Rugby Agency are bringing to market please contact email or call 720.440.2772.

The State Of Leadership in Spain

The State Of Leadership in Spain

There are many factors that affect business. Leadership is among the most important when it comes to boosting the performance of a company. Managerial talent is one of the major sources of sustainable competitive advantage that a company has because its value is almost directly reflection of the managers’ decisions. A strong leadership team within a company can inspire creativity, increase productivity and help keep the company strong against their competition.
Treeveo, a startup company based in Barcelona, recently conducted a survey to understand the state of leadership in Spain. The survey was rolled out over a month’s time by interviewing participants from different disciplines about the characteristics of their respective bosses. This was done via After completing their analysis of the data from 600+ participants, they have found some very interesting data about the difference in Catalan leaders and leaders from the rest of Spain.

A couple main highlights of the survey findings include:
“Leaders from Catalonia are on average more visionary than those from the rest of Spain”

“Leaders from the rest of Spain are on average more intellectually stimulating than those from Catalonia.”
The entire project was designed around a widely acclaimed scientific leadership framework called the Full Range Leadership Model. The survey was designed around this model, created to identify performance within each individual dimension of the framework.

The survey asked questions like the following to rate their boss against specific dimensions.

Q: This picture most accurately describes my boss. (Most popular answer: Josep Guardiola)

Q: Does my boss lead by example? (54%)

Q: Does my boss demand me best performance? (%78)

Jeroen Kemperman, co-founder and CEO of the company says, “Since our product helps to develop the leadership skills of our users, we were naturally curious about how well the current leaders in Spain are doing. That led us to this experiment, and ultimately to some enlightening conclusions.”
The full results of the “State of Leadership in Spain” Survey are available for FREE at

Gregory Speaks for Bucu West Development Association Holiday Celebration

GregTGregory Tanner will be speaking tonight for the Bucu West Development Association Holiday Celebration .   The celebration will be held at MGM’s Lounge 4801 Morrison Road, Denver, CO 80219.  He will be speaking about his personal story of growing up in our neighborhood, why we should invest in our community, and his interest in helping young entrepreneurs. This event is free thanks to the support of The Denver Foundation, Denver Enterprise Zone, and Denver Office of Economic Development.

Greg grew up in our neighborhood and is a graduate of Lincoln High School and swam for the Lancers.  He went on to college at University of New Mexico where he swam and played Rugby for the Lobos.  He went on to play rugby in the Rugby Super League.   He founded his first successful company out of a garage which went on to become one of the most successful IT companies in the U.S.  He currently manages Aspen Capital Fund which owns over 35 companies throughout the west. Whether Gregory is starting a successful company, doing Ironman triathlons or playing Rugby, he does it with a refreshing blend of gusto, style and down-to-earth approachability.  Hispanic Chamber of e-commerce identified Gregory as one of 100 the most influential Hispanics in the U.S. and TNT Uno Television selected him  for Hispanic Pride series spotlighting Hispanic who have made and exceptional impact on the culture and life of American society.

Aspen Capital Fund is a closely held Hispanic family owned business located in Colorado. Our focus is to build minority enterprises and individual success stories. We work directly in supporting young, innovative businesses. We work indirectly by supporting the community and families that can improve how businesses can grow. We have built on our own successes and share those experiences and knowledge to help new businesses. Our network of family, friends and partners offers some of the smartest and experienced business information and expertise available to the Hispanic and Minority communities. We strive to be trusted business advisers for business owners and families. We help by sharing our support and community contacts with minority start up businesses. What we do is provide personal consulting, technical help and start-up capital.


Aspen Capital Fund moves headquarters to Denver, Colorado.

Aspen Capital Fund moves headquarters to Denver, Colorado.

From PRLog

November 25, 2014

Denver, Colorado – Aspen Capital Fund [] today announced today that it has moved it’s headquarter offices to the Denver, Colorado business district of Cherry Creek [].  The company says the move is to accommodate growth and expand on the opportunities it provides to businesses in the Denver area as well as the Rocky Mountain region.

The new offices are convenient for people traveling into Denver International Airport, and are central to the business district in Denver.  The business is located at Colorado Boulevard and Cherry Creek North Drive.   The new site has state of the art technology, multiple conference rooms and access to hotels, dining and entertainment steps away.

Founder and Managing Partner, Gregory Tanner states, “we have been looking to make this move for some time,  we are able to reach our diverse client base much easier with such a central location.”

Aspen Capital Fund is a closely held Hispanic family owned business located in Colorado.  Our focus is to build minority enterprises and individual success stories.  We work directly in supporting young, innovative businesses.  We work indirectly by supporting the community and families that can improve how businesses can grow.  Our network of family, friends and partners offers some of the smartest and experienced business information and expertise available to the Hispanic and Minority communities.  We strive to be trusted business advisers for business owners and families.



Aspen Capital Fund Acquires Clerkly Bookkeeping

Aspen Capital Fund acquires Clerkly Bookkeeping

ClerklyLogo_ColorAspen Capital Fund completes acquisition of Clerkly Bookkeeping Services.  Aspen Capital Fund today announced the completion of the purchase of Clerkly Bookkeeping a professional managed professional services company.  Clerkly Bookkeeping provides full charge bookkeeping services, limited accounting services, payroll, tax preparation and support services to businesses in the Rocky Mountain Region.  Clerkly Bookkeeping is based in the Cherry Creek area of Denver, CO.   “The dependability and unique flat fee service model is a unique value proposition.” Comments Gregory Tanner of Aspen Capital Fund. “This revenue model brings value to all types of businesses and will play a role in the other businesses in our portfolio as well.”  Aspen Capital Fund participated individually in the transaction and this one of multiple transactions this year for the company and continues to actively seek new opportunities.