TannerGonzalez announces it’s signature fragrance

TannerGonzalez announces it’s signature fragrance.

TannerGonzalez, The World’s First Hispanic Luxury Brand™ announces it’s first fragrance – TannerGonzalez Pour Homme Extreme.   Since 2007, TannerGonzalez has developed into a lifestyle brand offering one of kind products, curated products and men’s luxury accessories.
As part of its 10 year celebration the TannerGonzalez team has created a Hispanic luxury fragrance.

“The 10-year journey for this brand has been mercurial.”  Comments Tanner.  “It’s hard to believe that it is already a decade old company, we have been transformational, but one thing constant has been a means to bring our heritage, ideas and culture to one spot to help build a brand.  Our new fragrance is the next stepping stone for being a Hispanic luxury brand.”

Tanner Gonzalez Pour Homme Extreme, the brand’s signature masculine fragrance, presents the vision of conscientiousness, masculinity, sensuality and intellect. This is a unique fragrance with accords of pine and juniper enriched with fir and enriching sage and leather.    Our signature fragrance is sultry and animalic that balances feminine and masculine from top to bottom.  At first impression, the scent opens with bergamot, pine and juniper. The heart is an aphrodisiac of spicy note of Jamaican pepper warmed by Canadian fir and Mediterranean clary sage.   The roots of leather and Indonesian patchouli rest on strong Andalusian labdanum.

Hand Crafted + Limited Edition 2017

1.7 oz (50ml) Square Flint Glass Bottle with Spray Pump



ABOUT TannerGonzalez

TannerGonzalez was founded in 2007, from modest roots on the Southside of Denver, TannerGonzalez was the vision to become a Hispanic tastemaker selling quality t shirts and women’s handbags inspired with Hispanic motifs and handcrafted workmanship.  TannerGonzalez quickly became a favorite among the local Denverites and in Aspen where Greg spends most of his spare time.    As the company grew it became more of a Hispanic Influencer focusing on creating more refined men’s luxury accessories and curated one of a kind products.

Our initial foundation was built with the vision of being the World’s First Hispanic Luxury Brand.™     Our business model is based on direct contact with his customer base, control over the process and constantly driving the quality vision.

TannerGonzalez produces one of a kind, hand crafted products, luxury accessories, a new fragrance and is continuing it’s path to be innovative but rooted in its Hispanic Influence.  TannerGonzalez applies its creative eye to entertainment, food, drink and a full interactive lifestyle through its Hispanic Luxury Life blog.

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National Rugby Post is pleased to announce the launch of its new fully-featured website www.nationalrugbypost.com. The new site has extensive content including a new series named “My Rugby Story”.  The National Rugby Post website is offers market intelligence and analysis of the business of rugby, rugby brands, and rugby entertainment.  National Rugby Post is the #1 content provider of rugby business intelligence in the United States.  National Rugby Post covers a range of trends that includes professionalism, sponsorship, legality, media, and commercialism.

The new website will include a new focus on player commercialism, a competition for “My Rugby Story” and a column on the growing business of rugby in the United States.

Twitter @rugbyanalyst

National Rugby Post is Hispanic Owned and Operated.

The State Of Leadership in Spain

The State Of Leadership in Spain

There are many factors that affect business. Leadership is among the most important when it comes to boosting the performance of a company. Managerial talent is one of the major sources of sustainable competitive advantage that a company has because its value is almost directly reflection of the managers’ decisions. A strong leadership team within a company can inspire creativity, increase productivity and help keep the company strong against their competition.
Treeveo, a startup company based in Barcelona, recently conducted a survey to understand the state of leadership in Spain. The survey was rolled out over a month’s time by interviewing participants from different disciplines about the characteristics of their respective bosses. This was done via www.comoestujefe.es. After completing their analysis of the data from 600+ participants, they have found some very interesting data about the difference in Catalan leaders and leaders from the rest of Spain.

A couple main highlights of the survey findings include:
“Leaders from Catalonia are on average more visionary than those from the rest of Spain”

“Leaders from the rest of Spain are on average more intellectually stimulating than those from Catalonia.”
The entire project was designed around a widely acclaimed scientific leadership framework called the Full Range Leadership Model. The survey was designed around this model, created to identify performance within each individual dimension of the framework.

The survey asked questions like the following to rate their boss against specific dimensions.

Q: This picture most accurately describes my boss. (Most popular answer: Josep Guardiola)

Q: Does my boss lead by example? (54%)

Q: Does my boss demand me best performance? (%78)

Jeroen Kemperman, co-founder and CEO of the company says, “Since our product helps to develop the leadership skills of our users, we were naturally curious about how well the current leaders in Spain are doing. That led us to this experiment, and ultimately to some enlightening conclusions.”
The full results of the “State of Leadership in Spain” Survey are available for FREE at http://treeveo.com.

Denver Hispanic Venture Capital News Update

Strong Denver Venture Capital News in 2014

Strong Denver Venture Capital News in 2014

Denver Hispanic Venture Capital News Update

Denver continues its reputation as one of the best cities to start a new business.   This week the Denver Post published an article that added to the positive data that ranks the city as a prominent start up hub.   Earlier this year Forbes named  Denver as a top city for start-ups using a non-traditional criteria.    While the criteria for  both listings are different, the data positions Denver as a hotspot for entrepreneurship and start-up businesses.    With this news in mainstream media about Denver, it’s is safe to assume that the Hispanic start-up and  Hispanic venture arena is growing and thriving in Denver.

The positive Colorado economy and its forces have had an upward effect on Hispanic start-ups and Hispanic owned ventures. On a national level, Hispanic entrepreneurship is growing at incredible rates despite the Great Recession, and all other  mainstream economic forces. “From 2010 to 2012, Hispanics continued to contribute as entrepreneurs during a period when  entrepreneurship in the  country overall began to wane.  In those two years,  the ranks of Hispanic  entrepreneurs grew by 160,000 people” – according to the The Partnership For A New American Economy.  Colorado and more importantly Denver is seeing the Start-up environment becoming more welcoming  for Hispanic owners.   There are several influences that help successful ownership if you a new Hispanic venture here are a few:
The infrastructure growth and the Denver’s City strong williness to do business with certified minority businesses.
A strong community in the Hispanic Chamber of Commmerce of Metro Denver, Hispanic Contractors Association and many more supporting organizations.

With such support on traditional data such as economics and demographics, a strong community, and now the strong entrepreneurial environments in Denver,  Hispanics are positioned for exponential growth and exploiting their new economic power.  Greater spending power and higher graduation rates will drive economic mobility and the success of many Hispanic start-ups.   Hispanics unlike other demographics tend to stay in the city center rather than flock to the suburbs.  Denver hosts a light rail system, multiple incubator sites and access to venture capital and financial resources.   Denver is sure to make it’s mark as a Hispanic start-up top 10 city.

Gregory is Managing Partner at ACF Ventures and specializes in Minority owned businesses, specifically Hispanic Consumer and Business.