TannerGonzalez announces it’s signature fragrance

TannerGonzalez announces it’s signature fragrance.

TannerGonzalez, The World’s First Hispanic Luxury Brand™ announces it’s first fragrance – TannerGonzalez Pour Homme Extreme.   Since 2007, TannerGonzalez has developed into a lifestyle brand offering one of kind products, curated products and men’s luxury accessories.
As part of its 10 year celebration the TannerGonzalez team has created a Hispanic luxury fragrance.

“The 10-year journey for this brand has been mercurial.”  Comments Tanner.  “It’s hard to believe that it is already a decade old company, we have been transformational, but one thing constant has been a means to bring our heritage, ideas and culture to one spot to help build a brand.  Our new fragrance is the next stepping stone for being a Hispanic luxury brand.”

Tanner Gonzalez Pour Homme Extreme, the brand’s signature masculine fragrance, presents the vision of conscientiousness, masculinity, sensuality and intellect. This is a unique fragrance with accords of pine and juniper enriched with fir and enriching sage and leather.    Our signature fragrance is sultry and animalic that balances feminine and masculine from top to bottom.  At first impression, the scent opens with bergamot, pine and juniper. The heart is an aphrodisiac of spicy note of Jamaican pepper warmed by Canadian fir and Mediterranean clary sage.   The roots of leather and Indonesian patchouli rest on strong Andalusian labdanum.

Hand Crafted + Limited Edition 2017

1.7 oz (50ml) Square Flint Glass Bottle with Spray Pump



ABOUT TannerGonzalez

TannerGonzalez was founded in 2007, from modest roots on the Southside of Denver, TannerGonzalez was the vision to become a Hispanic tastemaker selling quality t shirts and women’s handbags inspired with Hispanic motifs and handcrafted workmanship.  TannerGonzalez quickly became a favorite among the local Denverites and in Aspen where Greg spends most of his spare time.    As the company grew it became more of a Hispanic Influencer focusing on creating more refined men’s luxury accessories and curated one of a kind products.

Our initial foundation was built with the vision of being the World’s First Hispanic Luxury Brand.™     Our business model is based on direct contact with his customer base, control over the process and constantly driving the quality vision.

TannerGonzalez produces one of a kind, hand crafted products, luxury accessories, a new fragrance and is continuing it’s path to be innovative but rooted in its Hispanic Influence.  TannerGonzalez applies its creative eye to entertainment, food, drink and a full interactive lifestyle through its Hispanic Luxury Life blog.

@tannergonzo - twitter
facebook.com/tannergonzalez  – facebook



National Rugby Post is pleased to announce the launch of its new fully-featured website www.nationalrugbypost.com. The new site has extensive content including a new series named “My Rugby Story”.  The National Rugby Post website is offers market intelligence and analysis of the business of rugby, rugby brands, and rugby entertainment.  National Rugby Post is the #1 content provider of rugby business intelligence in the United States.  National Rugby Post covers a range of trends that includes professionalism, sponsorship, legality, media, and commercialism.

The new website will include a new focus on player commercialism, a competition for “My Rugby Story” and a column on the growing business of rugby in the United States.

Twitter @rugbyanalyst

National Rugby Post is Hispanic Owned and Operated.

Professional Rugby Agency Grows to Accommodate a Burgeoning Rugby Landscape

team-additionsProfessional Rugby Agency (PRA), a Denver-based rugby marketing agency, has hired Jackson Thom to manage brand communications and public relations for clients, as well as help drive brand strategy for clients. PRA has also hired Vanessa Martinez as head of strategic development to drive business development with future clients, sponsors, and partners.

Jackson Thom comes from an entrepreneurial background and has experience with a local marketing firm and a local public relations firm, working with a variety of clients. He has been involved in the rugby community for nearly ten years in several capacities, including as a player, coach, and manager, from youth to the adult level. He currently works for the Glendale Raptors as an assistant technical skills coach and manager for the Division II and III teams. He also currently studies Organizational Communications at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Vanessa Martinez is a recent graduate from Metropolitan State University of Denver, with a B.A. in Human Performance & Sport, Sport Industry Operations. She has experience with both the Denver Broncos and the Colorado Rockies’ organizations in customer-facing roles, as well as marketing experience with the Colorado Rapids’ street team and as the Social Media Coordinator for the Cherry Creek Athletic Club.

Both acquisitions were made in response to a growing portfolio of clients for Professional Rugby Agency and the need for professional development in the fastest growing sport in America. As the American audience for rugby (recently measured to be upwards of 92 million fans) and international interest for investment in American rugby grows, PRA will continue to facilitate the development of commercial opportunities for sponsors and investors.

“Professional Rugby Agency is extremely fortunate to have the caliber of professionals joining our mission to grow the American appetite for rugby.”   Comments Greg Tanner, founder of  Professional Rugby Agency.

Professional Rugby Agency

Professional Rugby Agency is helping to shape modern American rugby by developing commercial opportunities, producing engaging sponsorship campaigns, representing high-performance athletes, and growing the American audience for professional rugby.

PRA represents individual athletes, clubs and teams, leagues, and corporate sponsors. We help our clients navigate the landscape of American rugby and maximize their exposure and experience within.

Jupiternetwork uses a creative and proven methodology to offer Startup CIO services in the Rocky Mountains.

Startup CIO Jupiternetwork

Startup CIO


DENVERDec. 4, 2015PRLogDenver, Colorado

Jupiternetwork has made starting a new business or operating a young business easier.  Startup CIO services offered by the company at http://jupiternetwork.co/startup-cio/  provides essential expertise and helps company avoid costly and expensive traditional consulting fees.  Startup CIO helps startups in 5 critical areas.  1) Expertise 2) Technology Use 3) Growth 4) Resources 5) Adoption.

Unlike other types of consulting services,  Startup CIO offers a measurable and proven methodology.   Because of this Jupiternetwork Startup CIO is attractive to angel investors, venture capitalists and private investors.   “I learned that startups and investors both needed a service which offers measurable results.” comments Angelo Tanner, President of Jupiternetwork. “We are attractive to investors because they realize that we help avoid costs, speed up growth and provide a valuable service.”

The Startup CIO service uses a method called 7c which includes 7 areas which a company can measure the progress and maturity of their business.  This foundation allows for a formal and measurable plan of action.

Jupiternetwork collaborated with Aspen Capital Fund to avoid the pitfalls of traditional consulting,  and offer the most needed IT services of startup businessess.

About Jupiternetwork

At Jupiternetwork we work to nourish the performance and accomplishment of our clients. Our culture is built around the belief that everyone is dedicated to building success stories and determined to help our clients. Our clients strive to become the most influential businesses and institutions. We have clients in many types of industries and are of all different sizes. What our clients do have in common is a passion for success. Our clients want to take a journey to learn how to enable technology to accelerate business transformation.

Media Contact
Angelo Tanner


Interview with Gregory Tanner, founder of Pro Rugby Agency USA and author of “The Business of Rugby” on pro rugby usa

pro rugby usa


Pro Rugby Agency
Contact Samantha@professionalrugby.agency or greg.tanner@professionalrugby.agency.
3773 Cherry Creek North Drive 575
Denver, CO 80209

Interview with Gregory Tanner, founder of  Pro Rugby Agency USA and author of “The Business of Rugby”

DENVER, COLORADO, USA – November 20, 2015

Pro Rugby Agency answers questions about the viability of rugby as a professional sport, the sports popularity in the United States, and where it grows from today.

Taking his business experience to get into the business of professional rugby, Greg Tanner talks with Evrybit about Pro Rugby Agency, his book, and the “wild west of rugby”.


Evrybit: Welcome Greg, and thanks for taking the time to sit down for this interview.  Let’s start with telling us why your focus is in sports and more specifically rugby. 

Tanner: I spent the last four years looking at rugby and whether or not there is an opportunity to make money in or around the sport.   Around 2012,  I concluded that it was the time to get involved and start laying ground work for what will be a breakout sport in the United States.

Evrybit: It’s quite a change from running Aspen Capital Fund, focusing on Hispanic markets and early stage funding.  What is your biggest challenge?

Tanner: It’s actually not much different.  Surprisingly, there are a lot of common business challenges and problems that need to be solved.   But looking at opportunities, applying a proven methodology, and selling is applied the same way.   There is a lot less risk and it’s a lot more fun,  the rugby people are great to work, and when it comes down to it – as much of a cliché it is very much a personal relationship business.

Evrybit: So there is a viable business in the sport of rugby? Is it professional in the United States? 

Tanner:  The professional game is coming in 2016.  There are many professional leagues throughout Europe, and the southern hemisphere.   There is a very high level of competition across America the most successful to date is the Pacific Rugby Premiership, we have seen the rise of the American Rugby Premiership and now the “PRO League”.    There is plenty of rugby in America.   But, I see that rugby will need to take a page from history and grow organically and use the best practices that we see in the successful professional leagues,  even learn from Major League Soccer, who nearly failed trying to follow the NFL model.

Evrybit: So how does Pro Rugby Agency play a part if rugby isn’t professional?

Tanner: Just because it isn’t professional doesn’t mean there isn’t money in the sport.    There is tons of money spent on and around rugby.  Consider 900 college teams and 700 clubs here, competitions, tournaments, entertainment, hospitality, gear, travel, etc.   It’s a big sport where brands are very excited to be associated with and are seeking ways to get involved.  That’s the problem we solve we help the athletes, teams, leagues, events create revenue and we help brands get involved with mature and commercially viable mediums.   We are a selling function of marketing.   We constantly sell rugby to everybody.

Evrybit:  Why don’t we see it broadcast on television or even radio?

Tanner:  That is another challenge we help our clients with, building strategic maturity.   Just as any other business you must be mature in all aspects of business to be attractive commercially.   Rugby is good and playing the game and competing, but not so well at the other business operations, for instance they know how to market but they really need to market and sell.   All parts of the business of rugby need to work at the mature level of the competition.

Evrybit: Is this what your book is about?

Tanner: “The Business of Rugby” is a very light version of this.  We talk about what I feel is obvious for everyone in professional rugby or has been around professional rugby.  I really wrote it based on what I think what American entrepreneurs do wrong to rugby, which is try to go too big too fast and turn it in to an NFL.    The NFL didn’t get to where it is today in a decade it’s been built on 50 years of growth and maturity.

Evrybit: Can rugby be as popular as American Football?  It’s seems like such a small sport in America.

Tanner: Certainly can be.  I think at this moment there is a thirst for consuming the game on the level we see other professional sports here in the U.S.  There just isn’t a mature medium for networks to cover it, make money on it and give a professional grade production.  It’s actually a very big sport in America the problem is that businessmen have taken sports like lacrosse, bowling and even darts to a commercial maturity that appeals to brands and mass consumption.   When rugby gets traction it’s going to breakout like MMA did.  In 1993 no one knew what that was.   Now it takes no explanation on a global level.   That’s why I think it is the “Wild West” of rugby right now.

Evrybit:  Where does the sport grow from today?

Tanner: I see rugby growing just like the NFL did with two leagues, because logistically the country is too bit to overcome the travel and cost in early stages.    I see that the working competitions will mature and grow from the current momentum they have.  If they overcome the revenue generation problem and grow with strategic development, they will succeed.   As an industry rugby will only become more competitive and you will see more and more specialization such as women’s rugby, sevens, and collegiate.   There are some many aspects, regions and segments in the United States.   The more I get involved the more I find opportunities.   Imagine being at the beginning of the industrial revolution, that is really where rugby in the United States is.  It’s a great time to be a part of the sport.

To learn more about Pro Rugby Agency visit http://professionalrugby.agency

To talk to an agent email agent@professionalrugby.agency

To reach Gregory Tanner email greg.tanner@professionalrugby.agency

Download The Business of Rugby at



About Pro Rugby Agency USA.

We are a forward thinking agency and business.  At Professional Rugby Agency we are the early adopters of the belief that rugby will become the next high growth sports industry in the United States.    Very involved in the industry, we are working to develop surrounding aspects of the professional era.  Our founder has written the book -“The Business of Rugby“.   At Professional  Rugby Agency we  are taking the initiative to help players, teams, brands with earning, marketing, maintaining  and connecting with audiences in the United States and Globally.  Join us on our extraordinary journey.


Pro Rugby Agency pitches U.S. rugby to the masses in England.

ProRugbyAgencyPro Rugby Agency pitches U.S. rugby to the masses in England.

DENVER, COLORADO, USA – September 17, 2015

Pro Rugby Agency (http://professionalrugby.agency) will be traveling to the United Kingdom for the Rugby World Cup.  The purpose of the trip isn’t to sign the big professional names and teams based in abroad in the U.K., France, Italy or from down under.   It’s to pitch the professional game which hasn’t arrived in the United States yet to everyone and anyone that will listen.

“Most people don’t understand the huge opportunity in the United States.” Comments Greg Tanner, “It’s really like the beginning of the NFL or the industrial revolution,  the game is ripe for business opportunity and growth, the question is who is prepared for this explosion?”

Pro Rugby Agency has clients that are invested in the game and preparing to capitalize on the professional era in America.   The agency has media, consumer, services, and technology companies onboard for when the opportunity arrives.   The agency is also signing players eager to get exposure to the top teams.  “It’s astounding to me how many players from abroad want to come to play in America, even more astounding is the number of untapped talent yet to be found in our backyard.”  Adds Tanner.

Mr. Tanner has spent a lot of time and effort to becoming subject matter expert in the business of rugby.  He penned the book – “The Business of Rugby”  while working on a graduate program at U.K. based Sports Management World Wide.    He hopes to capitalize on his business experience and analysis knowledge he gained while at Aspen Capital Fund.

“I had to change gears – this is just too big,  the timing is perfect and now the biggest rugby event in the world is happening and I will be in the middle of it all.”  Remarks Tanner.

To learn more about Pro Rugby Agency visit http://professionalrugby.agency or email agent@professionalrugby.agency



About Pro Rugby Agency USA.

We are a forward thinking agency and business.  At Professional Rugby Agency we are the early adopters of the belief that rugby will become the next high growth sports industry in the United States.    Very involved in the industry, we are working to develop surrounding aspects of the professional era.  Our founder has written the book -“The Business of Rugby“.   At Professional  Rugby Agency we  are taking the initiative to help players, teams, brands with earning, marketing, maintaining  and connecting with audiences in the United States and Globally.  Join us on our extraordinary journey.

National Ruby Post announces attendance and coverage of 2015 Rugby World Cup.

September 15, 2015-Denver, Colorodo,  National Rugby Post (www.nationalrugbypost.com) announced that it will be covering games as a rugby business analyst and online media provider.  National Rugby Post will be doing business analysis on the impact of the sponsorship and business of the tournament.

“The Rugby World Cup (www.rugbyworldcup.com) in 2015 is going to be one of the global events for sport and will be the biggest ever for rugby.” For National Rugby Post this event is a key indicator of the future of professional rugby not just globally but most importantly on the United States front.” comments Gregory Tanner, Rugby Business Analyst.

You can catch all of the news and updates on the business of rugby during the Rugby World Cup at the main website,  on Facebook, and @rugbyanalyst via Twitter.


National Rugby Post – Rugby Business Analysts = The study of the professional business of Rugby.  National Rugby Post is the world’s premier analyst team for the business of Rugby.  With Rugby being one of the worlds fastest growing sports in the past 15 years, we seek to meet the needs of businesses, media, clubs and sponsors to get independant research of the business of the sport and to analyze the opportunities in the sport and it’s world wide market appeal.



The State Of Leadership in Spain

The State Of Leadership in Spain

There are many factors that affect business. Leadership is among the most important when it comes to boosting the performance of a company. Managerial talent is one of the major sources of sustainable competitive advantage that a company has because its value is almost directly reflection of the managers’ decisions. A strong leadership team within a company can inspire creativity, increase productivity and help keep the company strong against their competition.
Treeveo, a startup company based in Barcelona, recently conducted a survey to understand the state of leadership in Spain. The survey was rolled out over a month’s time by interviewing participants from different disciplines about the characteristics of their respective bosses. This was done via www.comoestujefe.es. After completing their analysis of the data from 600+ participants, they have found some very interesting data about the difference in Catalan leaders and leaders from the rest of Spain.

A couple main highlights of the survey findings include:
“Leaders from Catalonia are on average more visionary than those from the rest of Spain”

“Leaders from the rest of Spain are on average more intellectually stimulating than those from Catalonia.”
The entire project was designed around a widely acclaimed scientific leadership framework called the Full Range Leadership Model. The survey was designed around this model, created to identify performance within each individual dimension of the framework.

The survey asked questions like the following to rate their boss against specific dimensions.

Q: This picture most accurately describes my boss. (Most popular answer: Josep Guardiola)

Q: Does my boss lead by example? (54%)

Q: Does my boss demand me best performance? (%78)

Jeroen Kemperman, co-founder and CEO of the company says, “Since our product helps to develop the leadership skills of our users, we were naturally curious about how well the current leaders in Spain are doing. That led us to this experiment, and ultimately to some enlightening conclusions.”
The full results of the “State of Leadership in Spain” Survey are available for FREE at http://treeveo.com.

Top 10 Rugby Brands in the USA by NationalRugbyPost.com

National Rugby Post lists Top 10 Rugby Brands in the USA.

Top Brand Champion System Rugby 2015February 1, 2015 -Denver, Colorado, NationalRugbyPost (www.nationalrugbypost.com) today released it’s inaugural Top 10 Rugby Brands in the USA listing. The listing captures the most impactful brands in the sport of Rugby in the United States for 2015. 2015 is a big year for Rugby with the Rugby World Cup on stage in September in England. The Top 10 Rugby Brands listing comes just ahead of the the biggest tournament preview for the world stage – The Six Nations Tournament. Here is a listing preview:

USA Rugby (National Team)
Tiger Rugby
National Rugby Football League
Rugby Town USA
Champion System Rugby
Pacific Rugby Championship
United World Sports

To read the full article visit http://nationalrugbypost.com/top-rugby-brands-usa/.


Champion System, a worldwide leader in custom technical apparel, was founded in 2005 and has quickly earned the reputation as a company offering the finest quality handmade garments for a wide range of sports and activities including Rugby.
Strong customer relationships and close collaboration with the world’s top athletes has been the key to Champion System’s success. Our distinctive and stylish garments are worn by Olympians, National and World Champions, and recreational athletes of all levels.
Our goal is to allow the customer to be their own brand and we are known far and wide for our solid commitment to pioneering innovative, race-proven garments that can be customized with virtually any design. Along the way we have revolutionized sublimation printing, redefined garment construction and simplified the custom ordering process. With offices in 22 countries Champion System continues to set the standard in the custom apparel industry.


The National Rugby Post provides news and analysis about the business of rugby for forward-thinking rugby enthusiasts, teams and businesses. We specialize in rugby business analysis. We cover a range of trends, from professionalism, sponsorship, legality, new approach, media, and commercialism. We try to explain what these trends mean for business, rugby executives and other thought leaders in the growing sport of rugby. Our stories help executives make better decisions regarding sponsorship, investment and monetizing the sport of rugby.

ASPENCAPITALFUNDAspen Capital Fund  is pleased to announce the acquisition of Advertencia.Uno.

a leading content marketing agency focused on Hispanic/Latino brands.  Advertencia.Uno offers a bidding marketplace for the worlds top advertisers, agencies, DSPs, and networks through an ad exchange.  Advertnecia.Uno is one of the few monetization platforms for publishers that deeply engage a Hispanic audience, drives high-value traffic and designs ad serving technologies.

Aspen Capital fund plans to bring it’s other Hispanic brands and publishers to the Advertencia.Uno platform. Advertencia.Uno plans to operate in Denver, CO.

Aspen Capital Fund is proud to have successfully completed this transaction in partnership with the existing management team. Participating in the transaction with Aspen Capital Fund were TnT Media who plans to merge under the Advertencia.Uno brand. In the last 10 months, Aspen Capital Fund has completed 7 acquisitions and we continue to actively seek new opportunities.

May someone please explain Fixed Income and Private Equities to me please?

I am 16 years old, and I am interested in the stock market. I own shares from several companies and have a basic understanding of how the stock market works. I want to get a degree in business and finance after high school, and then go into finance after University. So I would appreciate if some one who has some experience or has knowledge of them please explain both private equities and fixed income and how they work. BTW, I am from Canada if that makes any difference.

Chosen Answer:

Private equities are investments directly into privately-held companies, and not traded through the stock market. The investors are institutional investors (banks, hedge funds, venture capital companies, and so on) and wealthy private individual investors.
Fixed Income securities would be either bonds or preferred stock, which pay the investor a stated amount each period, and have precedence over common equities in the event of a re-organization. Convertible bonds and preferred stocks also have the fixed-income protection, but would generally yield less than the straight bonds or preferred stock, because they would have an opportunity to share in any appreciation in the common equity.
by: sandyaa
on: 24th July 10

Rugby TannerGonzalez Announcement

From Rugby TannerGonzalez:Tanner Gonzalez  unveiled its  “Rugby Tanner Gonzalez”  designs for the 2013 Holiday Season.   The theme comes on preparation of a new partnership with a new professional rugby league which will be announced in 2014.

The Hispanic Luxury Brand hopes to capitalize on the rich history and tradition of the Rugby game and it’s vibrant colors and classic styling.   “Obviously,  I have a passion for the sport and finding inspiration for a classic look that I can adopt was a natural fit” comments Tanner.

The basic design is simple and classic and will be available on the company website –www.tannergonzalez.com the company will be an official licensee for the new league which has 8 representative territories. Tanner Gonzalez will design the teams casual wear and logos.

The company announced that “Rugby TannerGonzalez” will be a line with specific classic designs and colors for a classic casual look.   It has a specific logo for the line which will represent the line.



Best Private Equity Careers in Firm

I am often asked what is the best career in private equity? This is a pretty subjective question so I cannot give a definitive answer on what the absolute best job in private equity is, but I can give you an idea that you may not have considered. Professionals looking to work for a PE firm often overlook a career as a service provider to a PE firm.

A service provider career may be even more rewarding than working at a PE firm which can be highly stressful and competitive with low job security at some firms. Service providers on the other hand work on a less demanding work schedule sometimes while still getting the opportunity to work closely with PE firms and management. There are many different careers as a service provider to buyout or venture capital firms.

Ways in which you can pursue a career as a service provider to private equity firms:

  • Auditors and Accounting Services: in this capacity you can serve buyout firms by auditing the firm and its portfolio companies. Additionally, PE firms need up-to-date accounting services and may out source this work to a third party accounting firm.
  • Fund Administration Services: A fund administrator will take over some of the more consuming responsibilities of managing a firm, allowing the PE management to manage the portfolio.
  • Marketing and Sales Consultants: A large private equity firm may hire in house marketers but many of the small to mid level firms will rely on third party fund marketers and sales consultants to help raise capital for the fund from investors.
  • Compliance Services: Compliance specialists are becoming more necessary as firms must meet more rigorous government regulations in the recent financial overhaul.
  • IT Consultants & Technology Services: These consultants will help with software and technology that is crucial for portfolio management and managing a PE firm, even just setting up the company website.
  • Attorneys and Law Services: A lot of money in a PE firm means that often there is litigation and PE firms will use legal consultants and attorneys to help in legal matters.


In each of these service provider roles it is valuable to have some training in private equity.

But… many pri


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