Curious Woman Asks For Mansplaining Examples, Twitter Delivers

Nicole Froio, a U.K.-based Ph.D. student, asked her Twitter followers for their best examples of mansplaining on Wednesday, and boy did they deliver.  

Quote this tweet with the most obvious thing a man has ever mansplained to you.

— nicole froio (@NicoleFroio) May 16, 2017

Women responded in droves, with many sharing stories of the dreaded mansplain coming from their husbands, colleagues, doctors, classmates and strangers on the internet. 

Some women have had their own bodily functions ― menopause, menstrual cramps, even childbirth ― explained to them by men, while others have been forced to hear men try to educate them on their own area of expertise. 

Check out some of the most absurd examples below. 

@NicoleFroio When my husband was explaining how to properly pronounce Greek. Greek is my native language, he grew up in Georgia in a Jewish household.

— Anastasia (@ClimberStasia) May 18, 2017

@NicoleFroio A male ob/gyn told me that if I focussed harder on my work or picked up an interesting hobby my menstrual cramps wouldn't bother me so much.

— Kimberly Willardson (@kimberrry) May 18, 2017

A live-in boyfriend who never cooked trying to tell me I chopped garlic wrong. Bitch, I'm Sicilian. Sit down

— CRREdwards (@CRREdwards) May 17, 2017

@NicoleFroio How to pronounce my name. :/

— Anindita Debnath (@PartTimeCook) May 17, 2017

tax deductions. i'm a cpa.

— amanda (@feraldanvers_) May 17, 2017

@NicoleFroio What menopause is like during my third year of menopause.

— Ana Elizabeth (@IyadaStorm) May 18, 2017

@NicoleFroio Writing on evolution & gender for my masters in bioanthro at Cambridge; a man incorrectly explained natural selection to me, cited wikipedia

— Emily Atkinson (@TheBrightgeist) May 17, 2017

@NicoleFroio Guy explained part of my PhD topic to me after he attended my talk on exact aspect of said topic, asked if I'd ever considered it. Uh, yes.

— Jackie (@jackie_ess_el) May 18, 2017

@NicoleFroio I had someone try to explain the political history of my home country to me. He'd read an article in a magazine

— Sam S (@EmCatMom) May 17, 2017

@NicoleFroio My name. A colleague literally told me I had spelt my own name wrong.

— Phillippa Gee-Haitch (@PhillippaHibbs) May 18, 2017

H/T Teen Vogue

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