Why does Hispanic Heritage Month start on September 15th? Why do we have this celebration in the United States?

Chosen Answer:

I don’t know why it starts on September 15th exactly. But it’s just to showcase some things about the Hispanic history and culture in the US. Which is really intertwined with the US culture as a whole if you think about it, because European Spanish colonists had settled parts of the US even before English settlers (the southwest / Texas, California, Florida). And those parts of the country still have strong connections with their Spanish past , even in terms they use and names for places, etc (also a lot of that is due to Mexican immigration of course and their closeness to Mexico).

So they just want to make a month for another minority community (that is, Spanish speakers of any race really), just like they have a black history month. Both are minority communities by comparison with the overwhelming majority which identifies as “non-Hispanic white” (something like 70% of the country still).

There are white / European themed celebrations as well, all year long ; for example St. Patrick’s Day (which is an Irish-American thing), and from the Anglo-American side of things there is Thanksgiving (which is pretty much universally celebrated here but is originally commemorating an Anglo-Indian meal), 4th July (which celebrates the early Anglo-American independence from Britain of course), etc.
by: DinoDeSanto
on: 12th August 11