If you like most startups you know you can’t return to the way things were before Covid-19. Instead, you must retool to emerge stronger and more resilient than before. If you haven’t done so it’s a great time to start thinking of 3 actions to retool for the new normal.

  1. Urgent actions (how to keep your people and customers safe while ensuring business continuity)
  2. Recovery (how to restart normal operations when lockdowns are lifted)
  3. Retooling (how to adapt to a new reality)

It’s a great time to connect with a mentor or advisor and get a different perspective on your idea and the market conditions.

Some pointers we have been helping our clients with:

  • Revisiting traction and revenue.
  • Focusing more on Friends and Family rounds.
  • Working on or launching their product.
  • Strengthening produce offer in the new order of things.
  • Improving value propositions.
  • Strengthening the storytelling.

Aspen Capital Fund

Aspen Capital Fund connects their clients with capital by helping them understand the underlying process and requirements of building a successful capital raise strategy.

The capital raise mentorship provides customized resources to build a compelling and complete capital formation campaign strategy.  Get direct feedback and resources on how to improve your chances of meetings and deals. Incorporate investors into your network on all levels using successful marketing strategies that will reduce that friction and speed up your flywheel.

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