Venture Readiness Workshop

Built for first time business owners or no revenue startups, the 99-point Venture Readiness Workshop covers the essentials to bring your idea venture ready.

Fundraising is a difficult task.  It is even more difficult if you don’t know the process or understand the requirements. The challenge of the competitive environment, the hordes of business opportunities, and the scores of information you need to know is enough to discourage anyone.

The combination of all of this creates a false illustration to the startup or established business that is seeking capital.

Too often, because of the nature of the venture capital industry, great deals are passed over. The Venture Readiness Workshop was created to be a resource for entrepreneurs who have several different factors to consider when out fundraising for their business.  This formula isn’t a sure-fire way to success but certainly brings light to the many things that simply aren’t public knowledge for outsiders.

The Venture Readiness Workshop covers some obvious topics and uncovers the nuances in the venture capital industry that everyone should know and understand.

Through the venture readiness workshop and the capital raise strategy Aspen Capital Fund lends extensive experience to developing a system to track and attract investors. Aspen Capital Fund offers an insider’s perspective to what makes a business viable, and attractable to investors.

Aspen Capital Fund provides customized resources to build a compelling and complete capital raise strategy.

Using our venture readiness workshop can provide you with comprehensive guidance, which covers all the major areas of your business, including operations, sales, branding and technology.  This helps you to come up with an effective capital raise strategy. We provide access to real world resources for capital raise strategy from Denver, Colorado.